Tellow Culture Book

Our why, how & what

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Our 'Why'

Our core philosophy is Freedom & Fun

We are the best at what we do, so the customer can be the best at what they do. We think work is fun. Using Tellow or working at Tellow, you’ll find fun and freedom everywhere. It’s in our DNA.

We give our customers freedom and we give it to ourselves, each and everyone. We work closely together and contribute all to an open culture with high moral and ethical standards.

Our 'How'

By having real values. 

These ones describe us best. We are:

• Ourselves: open and genuine

• A-players: bold and innovative

• A professional family

Here I am!

We are ourselves: open and genuine

Each and every team member shares his or her personal stories during the Team Weekly’s. Everyone matters and we want to get to know each other. In the end, each person is positive about the things that he or she loves, because those things make you happy.

At Tellow it is important to be yourself, be vulnerable and to speak up. Everyone is different but we are all equal. We think that feedback is a gift, which you not only give but also dare to ask.

A Tellow Fellow is able to give without expecting in return. We let each other excel. Being genuinely happy and celebrate each others successes.

We facilitate an environment where playfulness is a part of everyday interactions. For us, playing is mandatory, whether you are 5 or 50 years old.

A-players: bold and innovative

With boldness comes imperfection. No one is perfect but a team can be. Understand that playing and having fun is the best way to deliver. We are not attached to the outcome, which makes us better players. Our A-players think big, because that’s a setup for success. They take risks and Tellow rewards risk taking. We have a budget for failure. Use it!

We strive for innovation, true innovation is achievable only when our team members dare to experiment and feel safe to make mistakes. A real failure would be to not try at all. Making mistakes is a big part of learning, we learn not only by thinking but also and especially by doing.

We achieve more as a team by accumulating our individual talents. That’s why we want you to dream, be curious and be eager to learn. Have a growth mindset and accept a certain amount of chaos (we thrive on chaos). Never walk away from a challenge.

Because you work with A-players, you learn from the best.

We are like ‘professional’ brothers and sisters. We are close with a professional distance. We offer a safe and warm place to work. When we talk about our colleagues, you experience warmth, safety.

We have fun, but don’t go too far. We are professionals and self controlled. We respect each other's boundaries. We do not bully, we treat each other like we want to be treated ourselves. We do not take what’s not given. We do not take bribes. We do not lie, we also don’t believe in ‘white lies’.

You have a mentor from day 1 and frequent 1-on-1’s with your chief. We take walks together to really talk about what’s happening. You cannot be the best at everything, but you do have the best colleagues to help and support you... as you help and support them. We have your best interest at heart. You can tell what’s on your mind, everything can be discussed (for example your market value). You can be honest about everything without worrying about our jobs.

We protect you in all your actions. We clean up each other's mess and have each other's back. Because that’s what family does. People can not pick their own family, but they can choose their professional family. That’s why we want people to only be here because it is the right place for them to be.

We are a professional family

This means that we create things we never thought we could. We deliver excellence in our product, process and in client happiness, because we really want to make our customer's lives easier. Everyone presents his/her masterpiece, so we’ll write history together. We will not settle for less, because we want Tellow to be kick ass.

We put fun and freedom in everything.

Our 'What'

We create our masterpiece